Horse steroids

Anabolic steroids, which are affectionately referred to as anabolic – it preparations are widely known in the sports world. And almost every athlete eventually faces a choice: to accept or reject. Debatable, the arguments “for” and “against” missing.


Better to start with an explanation – what is anabolics, and what they eat. Anabolic steroids – are special products which are synthesized based on the male sex hormone called testosterone. Some of them, such as
oral steroids , issued in the form of pills,
injectable steroids, intended for intramuscular administration.
All of these steroid compounds, many athletes use to achieve their goals.

These preparations accelerate metabolism, delaying it phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, which are necessary for protein synthesis. As well as delaying the calcium in the bones. More anabolics facilitate absorption of substances, which feed the cells. They actually stimulate the muscle power and increase the weight of a person due to the increase in muscle mass.


To effect was maximum, doctors advise people taking anabolic steroids, choose the correct diet. It should contain a lot of protein, minerals (especially calcium), vitamins and other nutrients are the building blocks of our body.

It is difficult to find a soldier who does not dream of becoming a general. It is also difficult, almost impossible, to find an athlete who has not dreamed of having the perfect fit and achieve record results in competitions. For this purpose, people torture themselves in the gym, give up bad habits, eat quality products. But not only! There is evidence that even in ancient times, during the Olympics, some athletes used some exciting veschestva.Chto can we say about our time when pharmacology is far advanced in this matter and remains a matter of where to buy steroids original quality.


Of course, the practice of stimulating anabolic steroids is very wide. Since the 30s of the 20th century, when steroids were synthesized, the phenomenon as an eminent sportsmen and ordinary amateurs who want to impress girls biceps.

And here we come to the dilemma: whether or not to buy steroids ? The decision of every man for himself takes himself, but no matter how corny it sounds: everything is good in moderation. Naturally, the horse doses will harm. And the joy of superformy soon replaced by disappointment and sores.

Any self-respecting athlete understands that the sport – it is, above all, work! Work extensive, systematic and persistent. Only daily hours of training will achieve the desired results. And anabolic steroids used in conjunction with basic methods of physical development, but in any case not VSMESTO them.


But the younger people who do not know what the gym but want by magic (read: as a result of the use of stimulant drugs) statue of Apollo, doctors warn that it is not necessary. After an increase in muscle mass without load fraught with serious consequences for the organism.

Let your incentives will be healthy and lead you to the very top!

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