How To Build Lean, Muscular & Sexy Body


Types of body and genetics – that you laid by nature?Recommendations for food and the best training strategies for each of the three body types.

What body type?

People are born with one of the three body types as a dominant: mesomorphic (sporty), ectomorphic (prone to thinness) or endomorphic (full-bodied). This somatotype can not be changed, but you can only partially correct diet and workouts.

This training strategy and supply different somatotype should be different – for example, if the thin ectomorphs can use gainer to build muscle and gain fat, the mesomorph or Polnovat endomorphs recommended to limit fast carbs .

What is more important meals for fast muscle growth – proteins or carbohydrates? How to grow muscle?

How to determine your body type?

It is believed that the thickness of bone is one of the key characteristics of the body type. Ectomorphs have thin bones, endomorphs – wide. It is also important that the circumference of the wrist is kept constant regardless of the amount of fat or muscle mass in the body.

In most cases, men ectomorphs circumference of the wrist (measured on the bone) is less than 17 cm, mesomorphs – 17-20 cm, endomorphs -. 20 cm, however, this is only a notional assessment of somatic and in reality determined by the ability to gain and lose weight.

Can I change my somatotype?

Body style is associated with both the bone structure as well as with metabolic work.Regular physical exercise and proper diet (exactly like a sedentary lifestyle and fast food meals) can change the metabolism. Generally these changes are amplified after 30 years .

A classic example is thick ectomorph – if the young man had a “fast metabolism” and could not afford to play sports and eat only pizza, the closer to the 30 years it begins to acquire the features uniquely endomorphs and will gain weight in the abdomen.

Key Features ectomorph

History ectomorph “before” and “after” – tips on how to gain muscle mass with rapid metabolism. Recommendations on diet and exercise for the ectomorph.

  • The low level of fat
  • Narrow shoulders and flat chest
  • Thin and long limbs
  • Low power rates
  • Tachytrophism

Ectomorphs have a lean body with long legs, and a set of muscles (or any weight) is given to them with great difficulty. They have accelerated metabolism, and poor appetite, and their muscles do not have enough glycogen for training, which greatly reduces the efficiency.

Strength training for the ectomorph strategy should be based on a rare but intensive basic training with low repetitions in exercises. The key point – the increased caloric intake, and special attention to carbohydrate window right at the end of training .

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Key Features mesomorph

History mesomorph “before” and “after” – tips on how not to run itself and to achieve the best physical shape. Training Strategy for physically active people.

  • Low fat level with noticeable muscles
  • Medium or large bone
  • Broad shoulders and developed chest
  • Fast metabolism
  • Good power performance

Mesomorph have an innate tendency to various sports, the increased testosterone levels and rapid metabolism in the background of a good appetite – all this allows you to gain muscle mass quickly. Most athletes are a mesomorph from nature.

The advantage is the fact that the body mesomorph requires less recovery time – they can not exercise 3 times a week, as recommended ectomorph and endomofram and 4-5. This is the training strategy mesomorphs – the more training, the more noticeable results .

Key Features endomorphs

History endomorphs “before” and after ” – both from tolstyachka become a toned athlete.Simple diet and fat burning workout recommendations.

  • Excessive fat deposition
  • A major bone and massive limbs
  • Short arms and legs, wide waist and hips
  • Slow metabolism
  • Low power rates

Endomorph is one of the most common body types among the Europeans. A slow metabolism, the natural stiffness, as well as a love for sweet and fatty quickly lead to weight gain, even at a moderate caloric intake.

However, it is in the diet and is the key to the creation of a sports body and flat stomach – endomorphs should closely monitor the glycemic index of carbohydrates consumed (limiting them to a maximum in the evening), and regularly engage in fat burning workouts .